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Zane masson

I went vegan for ethical reasons and plant-based for my health. Having grown up with dogs, I eventually got dogs myself. It was the amazing bond I formed with my pooches as an adult that opened up my empathetic eyes…

Geoff Palmer

Most people talk about the physical health benefits of a PB diet, but to me, the much greater impact was the effect on my mental, emotional and spiritual health. The effects were life changing. As if I was a whole new person.

Antony Rendall

I find it far easier to stay lean and I have much more mental clarity too.  When I was as an omnivore, I frequently felt fatigued but now I have an abundance of energy and recover more rapidly from workouts, despite consuming less protein.

Richard Hubbard

I needed to lose weight as my blood pressure was high. The doctor threatened to put me on meds. I was worried about developing diabetes, as it runs in my family. I discovered Dr. Fuhrman’s books and began following his plan. 

Gavin Sublett

Vegetarian since 1987 for ethical reasons.
Went plant-based in 2016 for health, ethics, & the environment. 

Justin Kavanagh

Sitting at home on my laptop when I came across a documentary on YouTube called Earthlings. I wasn’t sure what it was about but I watched it anyway…


I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and declined life insurance at 37 years old.

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